Motivating Young People to be Better Citizens
Dickson County High School, Dickson, TN


We are a student-led program. Students are given the opportunity to lead whenever possible. (usually during our Uniform inspection and Physical Training)  There are no up-front costs, (we try to keep everything free) with the exception of the Military Ball which is usually $20-25. We issue all uniforms and will need to get them back at the end of the school year.  We do have a few requirements such as participating in physical training once a week, wearing the uniform once a week which includes (for the guys) shaving and a military-type haircut.  Females will need to pull their hair up in a bun or it must be cut in a way that it doesn't touch the collar.

We are different from most classes where we talk about subjects that aren't covered in other classes. (Life Skills!)  Some of these include the following:

Year 1 & 2: Drill and ceremony, wear and appearance of the military uniform, CPR & first aid, proper folding of a flag, basic map reading, military rank structure, table manners & etiquette (focusing on Military Ball), drown-proofing, parades, military customs and courtesies, leadership skills, introduction to essays and professional writing.

Year 3 & 4: Understanding your credit score & credit report, advanced essay writing, public speaking, resume writing & interviewing, time management, taxes, insurance, identity theft, voting, politics & government and history.  

This list is not all inclusive but rather a few subjects to get an idea about the flexibility of our classes.  We speak about all of the Military branches as well as college, tech and trade schools. We also have events Cadets can participate in such as:

Hikes to Shiloh National Battlefield, Parades (homecoming and Veteran's Day), Austin Pea State University Cadet for a Day (CFAD), Cadet Challenge (physical fitness challenge), Haunting on the Hill, Wreaths across America and we come up with new activities each year. 


We want Cadets to be informed, educated & able to make good decisions. We will instill respect, discipline and motivation in your son or daughter.  Most Cadets think of us as a family and make many new friends throughout their tenure.