Acronyms (what did he just say?)

1SG     First Sergeant

ACU     Army Combat Uniform (camouflage uniform) 

AI     Army Instructor

ASU     Army Service Uniform (the blue dress uniform)

AT Ease   An Army way of saying be quiet 

BDE     Brigade

BN       Battalion

CPT     Captain

HU     Honor Unit

HUD     Honor Unit with Distinction

JCLC     Joint Cadet Leadership Challenge (Cadet Summer Camp)

JLAB     Joint Leadership Academic Bowl

JROTC     Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (high school level)

JUMS     JROTC Unit Maintenance System (official records for individual Cadets)

LET     Leadership, Education & Training

MEPS     Military Entrance Processing Station (where you take a physical, ASVAB, and pick a job for all branches of the military)

MRE     Meal Ready (to) Eat - Military meals while (normally) in the field. Each package contains 1 meal

OCP     Operational Camouflage Pattern (new camouflage uniform)

PT     Physical Training (exercising)

ROTC     Reserve Officer Training Corps  (college level)

SAI     Senior Army Instructor

Squared Away     Generally a compliment that indicates exemplary, above average behavior

TBD     To be determined