Color Guard

    Outstanding cadets are selected from volunteers for these positions. The Team performs at all JROTC military and social events (such as graduations), athletic activities, and other community and patriotic events as requested. Color Guard is the ceremonial team for the Cougar Battalion and normally consists of five Cadets. Color Guard members train and perform throughout the year, including during the summer.Color guard as a whole is divided into teams of five cadets, two guards and three flag bearers. Each company has at least one Color Guard team that can be sent out to perform. All the Color Guards can to earn the title of Honor Guard, signifying that they are the best of the best.

    Practice normally start after the issuing of the complete dress uniform, which is required in order to be on the Color Guard team. Practice is typically two days a week (Monday & Wednesday from 3:15-5pm) and 1 - 1½ hours prior to an event. Typically, home football and Predator hockey games are completed by senior Cadets but exceptions can be made by the SAI/AI on a case by case basis. These events are a reward that must be earned.

    Cadets who participate in 2 events will be awarded the Arc Pin and the White Cord. Cadets who participate in 5 total events will get the Color Guard Ribbon. Color Guard Team members who march at 2 events will also be awarded the Team Excellence (N-2-4) Ribbon.