Gridiron Guard

    Gridiron Guard is a way for JROTC Cadets to show school spirit and help motivate the crowd at home football games by doing pushups for points scored by our team during the game (other exercises may be substituted for pushups).

    Gridiron Guard is the first organized team event of the year. Normally, these events are held on Friday evenings and students may stay after school in the JROTC area until the game unless previously instructed otherwise by the SAI/AI. Cadets will be issued either the ACU or OCP uniform to include top, bottoms, hat, t-shirt, belt, socks, boots and all necessary patches. Cadets are responsible for the accountability of their uniforms and WILL PAY for any items that are lost, intentionally or unintentionally destroyed/damaged other than normal wear and tear. Uniforms will be worn the entire day of a home game. Cadets have the option of designing, printing, purchasing and wearing a personalized Gridiron Guard t-shirt. 

    Although any Cadet can be on the Gridiron Guard, it can be physically intense; depending on how many points our team scores during the game. It may also be boring if we do not score. Cadets who fail to turn in uniforms in a timely manner (maximum of 2 weeks) will not be allowed back on the team the following school year.

    Gridiron Guard Team members who attend 3 events will be awarded the Arc Pin. Team members who attend 4 games will be awarded the Orange Cord.