JROTC Policy: The extra-curricular activities of the JROTC program consist of the Gridiron Guard, Color Guard, Drill Team and Air Rifle Teams. It is the belief of JROTC that extra-curricular activities exist to help students learn teamwork, a good work ethic, sportsmanship, and fair play. We believe the values learned from honest competition will help every student throughout their lives. There are no losers in a fair competition. Cadets are expected to follow the standard: "Win with humility, lose with pride". No Cadet will ever be permitted to blatantly taunt a defeated opponent or sulk or gripe after losing a fair competition. No student will represent Dickson County High School JROTC in any competition if they have, by their actions, brought discredit upon the US Army, the JROTC program, or Dickson County High School.

All after school activities are VOLUNTARY!