Air Rifle

    The Air Rifle team is a Dickson County High School sanctioned varsity sport in which cadets can letter in. Cadets perform precision shooting from the standing, kneeling, and prone (lying down) position. In rifle team, Cadets use precision air rifles, shooting .177 caliber pellets, to shoot at targets ten meters away to get as high a score as possible. Cadets have to learn the strategies that work best for them in order to improve their skills. Cadets on rifle team compete against Cadets from other Battalions throughout the state and country using postal or shoulder to shoulder matches.

Prerequisites: In order to shoot the air rifle, the student must be a JROTC Cadet of good standing and pass the mandatory safety exam with a score of 100. Each Cadet will be given 3 tries to pass the safety exam.

Air Rifle will be divided into two teams; Varsity and Junior Varsity, and the teams are composed of 5 members each. Once the teams are chosen, each Cadet will be assigned a rifle and will not have to re-zero unless instructed to by the SAI/AI. We have 15 rifles total of which 10 will be set aside for the Air Rifle Team members. The remaining 5 rifles will be "open" for any Cadet who would like to attempt to qualify for a marksmanship badge. Marksmanship badges will be scored as follows:

300-250 Expert Badge

249-200 Sharpshooter Badge

199-150 Marksman Badge

Cadets must qualify yearly in order to maintain the marksmanship badges.

Cadets who make it to Varsity or Jr Varsity Air Rifle Teams earn the Rifle Team (N-3-7) Ribbon. Cadets who shoot in 2 competitions will earn the Arc Pin and the Brown Cord. Air Rifle Team members who shoot at 2 events will also be awarded the Team Excellence (N-2-4) Ribbon.