Tuesday, 14 July  School is on schedule to begin August 3.  They have changed a few of the rules about the dress code but this DOES NOT change the dress code for JROTC.  All uniform policies that have been put out are still in effect.  Please check the standards for piercings and hair coloring before having it done.  JROTC will not "pay" to return you to the standards we have instilled, that is on the Cadet to get it taken care of or be dropped from the course.  

7th Brigade Headquarters (JROTC HQ) has made the decision along with the vendors involved that the following events are cancelled. All JCLC's, JLAB Nationals in June, and JROTC VEX Robotics championships are cancelled.  The CMP Air Rifle championships they were trying to do as a postal is also cancelled.  Pretty much everything scheduled prior to the beginning of the next school year has been cancelled. 

The school year 2021 will start off with Raider competitions (not DCHS) and the continue as normal with the events as normal.  If anything changes, we will post the updates here. 

These are very confusing times right now.  We have never experienced anything like this before and we have more questions than we have answers.  When I get updates I will pass them along as quickly as I can.  Hopefully everyone is subscribed to the school email as well as text message updates.  I get a majority of my information from these.  Take care of yourselves, exercise and stay healthy!  I hope to see you guys soon!