Cadet of the Year & Staff Positions Info

New Staff for 2020-2021 School Year

The Staff for the new school year is as follows.  

S1 Administration Officer  Dakotah Edwards

S2 Fundraising Officer  Kadience Gardner

S3 Training/Operations Officer  Zach Longtin

S4 Supply/Logistics Officer Ali Bradshaw

AS4 (assistant S4) Miranda Casey

S5 Special Projects/Promotions Officer  Sommer Kinsey

AS5 (assistant S5) Sadey Hambrick

S6 Communications Officer Scarlett Cook

Battalion Command Sergeant Major  Matthew Bowman

Battalion Executive Officer Kaitlynn Numbers

Battalion Commander  Madelyn Wall

Each LET level shall have a Cadet recognized for outstanding achievement, knowledge, bearing & confidence, as well as personal appearance.  This Cadet shall personify the motto: "Motivating young people to become better citizens".  The Cadet of the Year program is designed to let the Cadets have to opportunity to stand out amongst their peers. 

The Cadet of the Year is a well-rounded and respected position which demands respect.  "Being a better citizen" does not only involve what the Cadets do while in JROTC but outside of the program as well, responsible Cadets are what we are trying to produce in our program.

The Cadet of the Year will be recognized at the JROTC awards day with the "Cadet of the Year" arc pin.  This is a high honor as there is only one per LET level.  Below are the criteria for grading:

1. Must be able to recite the Cadet Creed

2. Clicker Test - Higher LET levels will be more difficult

     a. What's my rank

     b. General questions

3. Individual uniform inspections

4. Leadership positions

5. Honest assessment of how the Cadet thinks they did this year?


1. What clubs/teams has the Cadet been in? (participation/involvement both in the program and in school

2. How many times has the Cadet NOT dressed out for PT/Uniform day

3. Behavior issues: Cadets who have been to NDA/ISS will not be considered for Cadet of the Year

4. Becoming a better citizen: having a job is not a negative thing, volunteering, contributing to society & the school, a well-rounded Cadet

Staff Positions

Staff are considered the most experienced/qualified Cadets in the Battalion.  They represent the leadership in the Battalion. The TOP 3 are considered the most experienced leaders and will be asked more leadership questions than the other Cadets applying for Staff positions.  This year's criteria are simplified due to the lack of time because of the school closing.

This application will consist of a 15-20 minute interview by the SAI & AI.  This will take place prior to awards day as the new Staff will be announced at that time.  Below are  the criteria:

1. No ISS/NDA, you will not be considered for a Staff position

2. Why should I be considered for this position?  Experience with leadership or in the staff area for which the Cadet is applying is a plus!

3. Leadership situational questions